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To protect the employees of the state of Texas from possible exploitation at the hands of their employers, a set of laws have been put in place that preserve employee rights.From their first day at work to even after their last day at work, employment laws are there to look out for the employees’ interests.

Through this post we can get a glimpse of the scope of these laws.

Right from the commencement of the hiring process these laws govern how the hiring is conducted. As per the employment laws, no employer can show bias against a potential employee because of race, religion, gender, age or disability etc.

The determining element in the selection of a potential candidate for employment must be the qualifications of that candidate and not a consideration of these characteristics.

Any employer who bases hiring decisions on any of such discriminatory, improper factors risks being subjected to liability for employment discrimination.

Overtime and Minimum Wage

There is a Federal $7.25 minimum wage per hour.In addition to this, employment law states that if an employee works more than 40 hours a week, then the employer must pay the employee overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 per week.

And the overtime hourly rate must be one half times more than their usual rate. These statutes on minimum wage and overtime pay hold for all nonexempt employees.

Among those covered under these provisions are employees of businesses which have more than half a million dollars of gross annual sales as well as employees of smaller businesses conducting interstate commerce.

There are exceptions to the overtime and minimum wage protection. Based on a criteria which includes the responsibilities and weekly earnings of the employee, certain professions and positions have been excluded from these protections. These include employees that handle administrative work and executive staff and professionals in certain fields.

Some employees in the service sector who receive tips on a regular basis as part of their compensation are excluded from the minimum wage restrictions. For these employees the law recognizes a combined wage (tips plus regular wage) as sufficient to fulfill the minimum wage benchmark.

Safety at the Workplace

A major concern for employees is safety at the workplace. Thus the employment laws make it necessary for the employer to make sure that the safety of the employee is taken care of while at the workplace.

Apart from independent contractors all manners of workplaces and their employees are provided legal security through the stipulations of these laws.

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Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are two such agencies that safeguard the interests of the employees at the workplace and keep a watchful eye on employee safety standards at the workplace.

If an employer takes any form of retaliatory action against an employee who has submitted a grievance with this agency, then that employer may suffer legal penalties.

Health Compensation

If an employee of a business suffers an injury while working for the employer then the employer is liable to pay that employee a proportionate amount as compensation. This compensation should be drawn from an insurance program that the employer must have in place as a matter of legal policy.

The medical fees for the employee’s treatment will be included in this compensation as well as part of the employee’s regular pay for the period during which the employee cannot work and earn.

An employer may choose whether or not to take part in such a program. However, if the employer chooses to provide such compensation, then their employees can only get compensation and benefits for injuries that occur at work.

Should an employer fail to provide the coverage, injured workers can pursue any legal remedies that are available against the employer, such as suing for damages.

Leaves from Work

The Family and Medical Leave Act states that all employers must provide eligible employees with unpaid leave of up to twelve weeks.

FMLA applies to all private businesses with 50 or more workers as well as all government employees. In addition, Texas workers are entitled to not more than two hours of paid time off for voting. Employers who fail to provide workers with this right may be subject to fines.

Moreover, all employers must not fail to provide unpaid time off to an employee who has been called for jury duty.

Benefits After being Discharged

If an employee has been let go from his/her job for any other reason than misconduct, then the employer is liable to pay that employee certain severance compensation in accordance with the rank and period of service of the employee.

Another provision of the state employment laws provides a former employee the choice to keep on having the health benefit coverage they had during employment, but the catch is that post employment, they must bear the cost of the coverage themselves.

One of the most important specifications of a public group is the guide of law which means that the individuals must adhere to the law of the area regardless of his or her position or position in the group. These days, the west encounter incredibly satisfied that their group is managed by the guide of law while most developing countries like usa local encounter frustrated that their group does not have the guide of law. The west are the part style for the not developed countries, where the guide of law is still a handheld distant control wish.

Very often, learners sign-up themselves into a law school without having no pleasure of what the profession is all about. Many are drawn by the name of attorney and choose to exercise a level in law without having appropriate knowing of the profession.

Rule of LawOrganizations that adhere to guide of law are often considered more municipal as there is much more purchase in the group. Every thing in such societies seems to be to be able. The roads are clean, lawn and places are well-maintained, government government bodies work in office, instructs and group provides run promptly. Further, there is almost no information data corruption in group office buildings. Folks are well paid for, offer better efficiency and keep everything stylish. These societies appear perfect to those of other places around the planet, who often wonder why they can’t be like them.

Applying to Law School :

Information on law companies offering applications in law can be obtained with the help to exercise and studying counselors or on the Internet by watching law school sites which offer information of the applications on offer by them and the program. The best sources are law school online or recommendations courses that information law companies and their popularity specifications. The Law School Acceptance Authorities (“LSAC”) gives annually law forums throughout the nation that give fascinated individuals a chance to discuss with affiliates from accepted law companies.

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All companies need regulations for their everyday living. Even though the regulations may be different in each community, yet there are some important principles that are common to all regulations around the planet. These important principles are equivalent privileges, fraternity, privileges and independence. The Native indian framework, for example, functions these objectives in the preamble to the framework which looks for to protected for all its individuals privileges, independence, equivalent privileges and to advertise among them the heart of fraternity.

Law of Nature

Native thinkers in the Vedic period, i.e. around 3000 years before the beginning of God, found that the universe does not execute its functions at exclusive but follows certain regulations. These were known as “Rita” or the globally regulations or principles that properly carefully guided the universe. The enhance of man can be mostly allocated in knowing these important principles of functions as well as them for the benefit of individual beings at the cost of the relax of the styles. The regulations of man, therefore, run compared with the regulations of functions as they are human-centric and not developed for all the styles of God or Characteristics.

Rule-of-LawThe other day, an acquaintance mentioned to me why the rule of law often takes away our freedoms more often than it guarantees us with a free and safe society. And, whereas, we all enjoy standardization and the rule of law, as it provides stability to all we are and all we’ve built, it would be naive to put more faith in it than it deserves. One must always be skeptical of the rule of law, or those who are making the laws, and their true motives.

You see, I too have mixed emotions about the rule of law. In the US for instance most of our laws, rules, and regulations have specific, and significant agendas, individuals, business interests, and power players behind their creation. Each one breeds new laws, case law, more lawyers, additional tightening, new loop holes, and complications. Today, it is an utter mess. In this on-going and never ending process freedoms can often get crushed along the way.